Minimum order is $10. We process film for individuals and professional photographers. We scan to convert processed film into digital files; and then we print photos to any size requested.

For quantity print orders from single files, we offer a no-charge, first-print for approval. After approval, there are no exchanges or refunds.

For orders with multiple files, or “bulk orders”, these need to be cropped and color-balanced. We give discounts for bulk orders. We charge $20 to set up for bulk orders. This includes a no-charge first print if desired.

C41 & E6 Film ProcessingC-41 and E-6 processing normally takes 2 days.  Please advise us if “pushing” or color adjusting is needed; also, if E-6 film is to be slide-mounted. Slide mounting is $4.50 additional per roll. Prices are for process-only. Scanning/printing additional.

24 exposure$8.00 $11.75 Adjusted
36 exposure$9.00 $13.00 Adjusted
120mm$6.00$9.00 Adjusted
220mm$11.00$16.50 Adjusted
4 x 5"$4.00$6.00 Adjusted
8 x 10"$6.00$9.00 Adjusted

B&W Film Processing – Prices are for process-only. Scanning/printing additional. Normally takes 4 days.

8.5 x 11"$12.00$7.50 Each additional
11 x 14"$20.00$14.00 Each additional

Film & Flat Art Scanning – Normally takes 4-5 days.  We produce digital media and email a link to download.  For photo print pricing, see the following box. Email/ftp delivery of files are no charge, if needing a CD/DVD, $5/7 additional.

24 Exposure Scanning Only $23.00
36 Exposure Scanning Only $26.00
24 Exposure Scanning w/Prints $35.00
36 Exposure Scanning w/Prints $41.00
Individual scans (35mm, medium format, 4x5) $4/each
35mm Slides$2.50/per slide
120 roll scans$25/per roll
220 roll scans$46/per roll
Flat art scans$6/per image

Photo ReprintsThere are printed on lustre photo paper. Up to 12″ widths are printed on a Noritsu photo processor; larger prints are made on Epson printers.  Larger prints are quoted individually.  We offer mounting on most sizes; contact us for this pricing.

2.5 x 3.5" Wallet$0.35
3.5 x 5"$0.50
4 x 6"$0.60/per print, $0.50 for (2+) duplicates
5 x 5"$0.75
5 x 7"$2.00/per print, $1.80 for (4+) duplicates
8 x 10"$3.75/per print, $2.75 for (4+) duplicates
8.5 x 11"$4.50/per print, $3.50 for (4+) duplicates
8 x 12"$6.00/per print, $5.00 for (3+) duplicates
9 x 12"$7.00/per print, $6.00 for (3+) duplicates
11 x 14"$10.00/per print, $8.50 for (3+) duplicates
11 x 17"$13.00/per print, $11.00 for (3+) duplicates
12 x 18"$16.00/per print, $14.00 for (3+) duplicates
16 x 20" (Printed on Epson) $28.00/per print, $20.00 for duplicates
20 x 24" (Printed on Epson) $30.00/per print, $24.00 for duplicates
24 x 30" (Printed on Epson) $42.00/per print, $30.00 for duplicates
24 x 36" (Printed on Epson) $52.00/per print, $36.00 for duplicates
24 x 48" (Printed on Epson) $70.00/per print, $54.00 for duplicates
Larger sizesPlease inquire for a quote
Mounting servicePlease inquire for a quote

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